Human Resources Manager: Salena Bonnell

Favorite Quote: Don’t forget your history nor your destiny – Bob Marley

Growing up in a small town (only one stop light), Salena was excited for a change and a new city. She is the oldest of her 14 siblings! Salena worked with Matthew in Kansas City prior to making the move to Salt Lake City.  Due to Matthew’s drive, determination, and big goals, she decided to travel with him and a small team to start a new firm with a new client.

When asked what attracted Salena to working with Matthew and Signature Business Solutions, the answer was easy:  “I love the opportunity.  I love helping people on a daily basis.  I love that I now get to provide for some of the most important people in my life. The team at Signature Business Solutions is like a second family, and I truly and wholeheartedly believe in Matthew and his vision for the company.  Besides, who wouldn’t want to move to Salt Lake City?  We have the best views in the nation with just a turn of the head!”